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MBSE Made Easier


MapleMBSE lets you take advantage of a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach to requirements management and validation, without requiring every engineer on the project to be an expert in complex MBSE tools. With more people feeding into the process, you can create, maintain, and validate your requirements and systems models more efficiently and with fewer errors, allowing you to close the gap between systems engineering and model-based design.

In the world of Model Based Systems Engineering, specialized tools help define high-level system requirements that are used throughout the design chain. Most engineers don't have the training needed to use these complex tools, but their input into system requirements remains vital. With customization by the Maplesoft Engineering Solutions team to meet your specific needs, MapleMBSE makes collaboration on requirements accessible to all stakeholders, providing streamlined interfaces for each task in your MBSE project. By giving more engineers an easy connection to MBSE tools, you can work faster, reduce errors, and ensure a system-wide collaboration on your next project.

  • Intuitive, Excel®-based interface for easily entering system definitions without having to go through your MBSE tool

  • Automatic population of information into your MBSE tool, translating the engineer's inputs into system structures, behaviors, requirements, and constraints

  • Integration with standard SysML-based MBSE platforms such as IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® and Teamwork Cloud from No Magic. MapleMBSE can seamlessly access models by MagicDraw® and Cameo® Systems Modeler through Teamwork Cloud.

  • Rapid impact analysis of design changes to test for conflicting requirements, all from within the intuitive MapleMBSE environment

  • Optimized tool views for common MBSE tasks
    • Requirements
    • Failure mode and effects analysis
    • Trade-off studies
    • Structure analysis

  • Designed to reduce many common errors that occur when using MBSE tools directly

  • Customized implementations provided by Maplesoft Engineering Solutions experts to ensure that MapleMBSE is tailored to your exact MBSE process

Why Choose MapleMBSE for your Next Project?

Here are just some of the ways that MapleMBSE streamlines the management of project requirements.

Easily Maintain Requirements

Keep requirements up to date by giving all of your engineers an Excel-based interface to your MBSE project definition, so you always get accurate results when testing for design impacts and requirement conflicts.

Eliminate Errors

Use natural language and numerical inputs to reduce errors associated with the complex entry mechanisms of MBSE tools.

Ramp Up, Right Away

Reduce ramp-up time by using the Microsoft Excel interface familiar to all engineers, giving you easy access to important project definitions stored in your MBSE tool.

Flexible Integration

Give engineers a practical tool that also satisfies management's need for a PLM-integrated solution.

MapleMBSE: By the Numbers

At Nissan

As part of their efforts to improve their systems engineering processes, Nissan worked with Maplesoft Engineering Solutions on a MapleMBSE implementation. Using MapleMBSE resulted in higher productivity across a range of activities compared to performing the same tasks using a standard MBSE tool directly.

The engineers at Nissan performed their tasks 4 times faster with MapleMBSE.

Reduce Grading Budget

In the Research

The benefits of using MapleMBSE have also been demonstrated by researchers. Using MapleMBSE resulted in higher productivity and fewer errors compared to performing the same tasks using a standard MBSE tool directly. In addition, when errors were made, they were simple errors, such as spelling mistakes, which are much easier to identify and correct.

Researchers observed a 4-fold reduction in errors and the elimination of complex errors with the use of MapleMBSE.

Reduce Grading Budget

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