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MapleMBSE Systems Connected

MapleMBSE software and services accelerate the benefits of MBSE in your Digital Enterprise initiatives.

  • Build depth into your systems engineering model by connecting people, processes and platforms without slowing down the project tasks.
  • Using MapleMBSE, systems knowledge becomes simpler to capture from cross-discipline stakeholders, boosting engagement and making the model more reliable.
MapleMBSE Systems Engineering: Connected
MapleMBSE lets you:
  • Accelerate the benefits of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) in your Digital Enterprise initiatives.
  • Reduce project risk and cost as knowledge-capture errors are reduced through enhanced System Model communications.
  • Enable effective cross-discipline collaboration to streamline your knowledge-capture.

Let our experienced engineers help you bring your system models in-line with MBSE best practices!

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Implementing MapleMBSE can save you time and reduce project over-runs:
Can your team benefit from speeding up project tasks by 51%?

MapleMBSE implementation starts with a foundation of clearer communication. Resource involvement becomes less taxing, and roles intermesh cleanly. A simpler knowledge capture process requires a lower time commitment for gathering knowledge from other roles and disciplines.

In an example of system development for automotive transmissions, Nissan found that using the MapleMBSE tool reduced the time to complete the typical SysML modeling tasks to less than 25% - a four times improvement in productivity across an interdisciplinary team. A streamlined sharing of knowledge from across multiple teams resulted in a more accurate model that everyone had confidence in.

As the project at Nissan gained traction, the teams involved showed greater engagement, working faster and collaborating more effectively across disciplines.

Read the case study here

The MapleMBSE interface is simpler to apply, it gives system engineers more flexibility for making model adjustments, and overall it cuts down knowledge-capture errors.

When you strip out the rework from errors and remove the obstacles created by the misuse of tools and poor communication, a connected team can deliver their system engineering projects much faster and on budget.

For example, a study published by IBM Research showed the use of MapleMBSE resulted in faster task-completion and fewer errors, compared to performing the same tasks using a standard MBSE tool directly. Overall, a 75% reduction in errors was observed when MapleMBSE was used.

How would your MBSE project perform if errors were reduced by 4X?
How does it work?
Discover how MapleMBSE connects your MBSE project resources and systems, letting you reduce project risk and work faster with the same resources:

CONNECTING PEOPLE using MapleMBSE makes the time invested by all stakeholders more productive and reduces resistance to MBSE processes.

  • The simple, intuitive interface strips away data-entry errors and clears up project task misunderstandings, giving more consistent data.
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and other stakeholders are more willing to participate when using a tool they can understand and apply easily.

CONNECTING PROCESS KNOWLEDGE with MapleMBSE improves the system model reliability while reducing errors and disruptions.

  • MapleMBSE lets you include a deeper layer of stakeholder knowledge into your system model.
  • As team engagement goes up, your system model works more effectively since the information shared across disciplines is consistent, up-to-date, and relevant.



CONNECTING PLATFORMS with MapleMBSE allows for bi-directional updates giving content consistency.

  • MapleMBSE is ready to connect with major MBSE tools including Rhapsody, Cameo/Teamwork Cloud and Capella
  • Your systems engineers become fluent in supporting the users and managing the bi-directional data updates.