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Calculate the ROI from Implementing MapleMBSE in your Systems Engineering Process

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Implementing MapleMBSE within your Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) program saves time on project tasks and reduces the risk of errors, costly rework, and project over-runs:

  • Speed up the role of System Engineers (SEs) in applying updates to the systems model.
  • Reduce the friction experienced by non-SE stakeholders when contributing to projects using unfamiliar software by providing a clear, consistant data entry tool.
  • Lower the risk of errors and costly rework by allowing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to easily collaborate with the SE team through the systems model.

Based on actual results from the Nissan Case Study, we have developed a free tool with Lifecycle Insights (a leading researcher of MBSE and other technology-led initiatives) to estimate the potential return on investment when using MapleMBSE software and services.

Make MBSE Easier with MapleMBSE
MapleMBSE is an Excel-based tool that allows stakeholders across your entire organization to collaborate in the systems engineering process.

MapleMBSE ROI Calculator

Use the ROI calculator below to see how using MapleMBSE software and services will pay for itself in your project setting, while you benefit from an accelerated, lower risk project timeline.

Disclaimer: This application generates estimates based on many years of MBSE-related research performed by Lifecycle Insights. The results should be used as estimates only, and neither Maplesoft or Lifecycle Insights are responsible for any discrepancies seen between these results, and any real-world results seen by your organization.

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