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Virtualize your Maplesoft license so faculty and students can use Maple anywhere, anytime - in the classroom, at home, while attending a conference, or even at the mall!

Virtualizing your Maplesoft software license is a great way to give your faculty and students easy access to the software they rely on for their teaching, learning, and research. Not only can you provide direct access to Maple on campus computers, but with virtualization you can also ensure that everyone associated with your school has easy access to the same great software on their own computers, wherever they are.

Maplesoft's flexible licensing options mean you can intr oduce virtualization of Maplesoft products in whatever way suits your infrastructure and policies.

With virtualization, faculty and students can access Maple through different methods, such as:

Through a campus cloud

Through network computing

Through flexible license key sharing using, for example, Citrix® software or similar systems

And more!

Maplesoft's flexible licensing can accommodate whichever virtualization method you choose.

What is Virtualization?

In response to an increasing number of requests, Maplesoft is pleased to now offer virtualization for all of our software licenses.

Maplesoft defines virtualization in broad terms and it applies to your ability to deploy your Maple licenses on personal computers, both on and off campus. The method and/or technology you choose to use for deployment is completely up to you.

In addition to offering broader access for faculty and students, virtualization simplifies deployment and reduces maintenance headaches.

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