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Danish Teachers Use Maple in Middle School Math Class; Students Score Highest Grade in School System

Learning is a life-long process and the earlier children are introduced to new skills and concepts the more time and opportunities they have for growth and success. This is especially true in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, which involve complex concepts and problem solving. The Ministry of Education in Denmark wants middle school students working more with technology in the classroom to better prepare them for the future. Jesper Estrup and Gitte Christiansen, teachers at Holbaek By Skole, afd. Absalon in Denmark, identified Maple as a valuable tool in meeting this objective of using technology to teach complex STEM subjects.

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MapleSim Fleet Forward: How System-Level Modeling Mitigates the Risk and High Costs of Transit Fleet Electrification

As cities across the world continue to increase in both population and density, public transportation plays a critical role in creating liveable cities by reducing the total number of vehicles operating in urban centers. An effective transit system also has the potential to drastically reduce carbon emissions generated from the transportation of people, resulting in improved urban air quality and sustaining a healthy environment for generations to come.

Using MapleSim, engineers created multiple models of robotic manipulator in time previously required to create just one model

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