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An Upgrade You Won’t Want to Do Without: Maple 2018 for Professionals

Length: 31 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: Maple

Maple 2018 contains a large number of substantial enhancements to how you interact with Maple, which means you’ll benefit from this release no matter what you use Maple for.

An Upgrade You Won’t Want to Do Without: Maple 2018 for Education and Research

Length: 36 Minutes
Presenter: Daniel Skoog
Product: Maple

Okay, we get it. You love Maple, but some years you find yourself wondering if it’s worth the bother of upgrading. People use Maple to do many different things, so it’s inevitable that each new release will include some features you care about and some features you really don’t nee...

Is Virtual Commissioning for You?

Length: 20 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: MapleSim

In this webinar, you’ll gain a better understanding of virtual commissioning, and see the different ways it can be implemented to align with your company’s

Maple Training for Engineers, Researchers and Scientists

Length: 35 Minutes
Presenter: Samir Khan
Product: Maple

This webinar offers a quick and easy way to learn some of the fundamental concepts for using Maple.

MapleSim Battery Library: Using system-level modeling for faster, lower-risk development

Length: 12 Minutes
Presenter: Charlotte Blinston
Product: MapleSim

In this webinar, learn about the MapleSim Battery Library and see how system-level modeling can be used to create high-fidelity, efficient models of energy storage systems.

Teaching Statistics with Maple

Length: 32 Minutes
Presenter: Daniel Skoog
Product: Maple

For many years, technology has proved its usefulness in the mathematics classroom. Advances in symbolic computation and user interface design have resulted in tools that make it easy for instructors and students to explore concepts, experiment with ‘what if’ scenarios, visualize results,...

What's New in MapleSim 2018?

Length: 13 Minutes
Presenter: Graham Jackson
Product: MapleSim

The MapleSim 2018 family of products offers new tools for developing digital twins, greater connectivity with other modeling tools, expanded modeling scope, and more. In this webinar, see what’s new in MapleSim 2018, including highlights and demonstrations of our latest features: Motion...

Optimisation avec Maple

Length: 26 Minutes
Presenter: Jalal Soussi
Product: Maple

Proposition d’une approche didactique interactive, dans les environnements MAPLE , pour aborder les problèmes d’optimisation. Créé par Jalal Soussi, professeur et formateur en Belgique

IEEE Webinar - Commissioning with Confidence: Using Virtual Commissioning for On-Time, On-Budget Innovation

Length: 55 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: MapleSim

To keep pace with today's competition, companies require a delicate balance of innovation and an ability to get their products to market, on time and on budget. However, as modern designs require increasingly complex features and faster delivery schedules, even the best engineers can miss important ...