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Getting Started with Virtual Commissioning Can be Easier than You Think

Turnkey solutions from Maplesoft offer a low-effort way to test out virtual commissioning in your own projects – no modeling expertise required!

Niigon Machines Optimizes Cycle Times with Virtual Commissioning

Using virtual commissioning solutions from Maplesoft and B&R Industrial Automation, Niigon Machines significantly increased the output of their injection molding machines – all without expensive hardware upgrades. See how Niigon used virtual commissioning and simulation to optimize their machine cycle times for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. For more information, visit us at: http://www.maplesoft.com/products/maplesim/?ref=youtube

No Experience with Digital Twins or Virtual Commissioning? No Problem.

Maplesoft offers turnkey solutions that make it easy to implement virtual commissioning , so you can use this powerful approach to diagnose, fix, and optimize machine performance.


How Does It Work?


Our experts work with you to understand your project, and then build a validated digital twin for you. To run this model, we supply an easy-to-use but powerful simulation platform that provides simulation-based 3-D visualization and debugging capabilities, and connects directly to common automation platforms. This way, you get the benefits of virtual commissioning, and no one in your organization needs to become a modeling expert.

Expert consultation on your issues to find the best solutions using digital twins

Development of your digital twin with 3-D visualization based on your CAD models

Simulation and analysis of your digital twin to find root-cause performance issues

Solution strategies that rely on advanced motion control and other simulation-based techniques, not expensive hardware replacements

Low-cost deployment of the digital twin across your team using MapleSim Insight, allowing non-experts to explore, visualize, and test new scenarios

“For me, it’s a total no-brainer. You will never get the best out of your mechanical system without simulation.”

Marc Ricke

Controls Engineering & IT Manager, Niigon Machines Ltd.

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Build, analyze, and optimize your designs using the multidomain modeling and simulation capabilities of MapleSim.
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MapleSim Insight

Give non-experts an easy way to simulate, visualize, and explore digital twins, and perform virtual commissioning by connecting directly to popular automation tools.
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Maple is a software tool that combines a powerful mathematics engine with an interface that makes it easy to manage your calculations, so you can treat them like the valuable assets they are.