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Create better machines using MapleSim

  • Speed up product development
  • Boost machine performance with our Turnkey Solutions
  • Explore automation strategies with virtual commissioning

Fast-track your problem solving with Turnkey Solutions

Maplesoft's full-service solutions make it easy to implement virtual commissioning, so you can use this powerful approach to diagnose, fix, and optimize machine performance.

Our Turnkey Solutions provide a simple path to machine simulation - no previous modeling experience required!

  • Our experts work with your team to understand your project, and then build a virtual prototype for you to use.
  • We supply an easy-to-use but powerful simulation platform to run the initial model and provide 3-D visualizations and debugging capabilities.
  • You can connect directly to common automation platforms and quickly see the benefits of virtual commissioning.
Get started with your initial MapleSim model today

Using MapleSim for Better Machine Design

It is easy to create and explore a digital model of your machine with MapleSim.

Design engineers can:

  • Accelerate product development – Use virtual prototypes to try out design changes and make production decisions at an earlier phase, when correction costs are lower.
  • Identify machine operation issues – The built-in MapleSim analysis tools helps identify design flaws,  to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place.
  • Add fidelity and simulate interactions across multiple engineering disciplines – MapleSim provides a multi-domain modeling environment that can be extended through specialized add-on products, and by importing models from third-party tools.

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Using MapleSim for Better Machine Performance

Connect a MapleSim model to your automation platform to investigate machine performance and eliminate errors from your PLC code.

  • Optimize your machine throughput – With MapleSim you can run a newly designed virtual model against your controller to test and fine tune performance.
  • Integrate your controller software with a MapleSim model - Take the guesswork out of machine design by using virtual prototypes for simulation-based motor sizing, PLC code testing, inverse-kinematics and more.
  • Develop digital models for Virtual Commissioning - Creating a MapleSim digital model gives a virtual representation of your product and is the first step to applying virtual commissioning and digital twins to boost your operations.

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