Partnerships and Business Development Opportunities with Maplesoft - Technology licensing, product distribution & bundling, content development, software integration
Partnering with Maplesoft

Maplesoft core products and technologies include the world’s most advanced symbolic computation engine, revolutionary physical modeling techniques, and leading STEM-based testing and assessment technology. We partner with leading organizations looking to leverage our technologies and expertise in a variety of ways, including:

Technology Licensing

Add technical horsepower to your products or services by licensing Maplesoft technologies such as Maple’s computation engine or equation editor, MapleSim’s Modelica compiler, or Maple T.A.’s math-based equivalency functions.

Selected Partners: Thinkwell Corp., Pacific Crest and Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

Software Distribution

Add value to your offerings through OEM or private/white labeling arrangements, or by bundling Maplesoft software with your technology or textbooks.

Selected Partners: Cengage Learning Inc., Nelson Education Ltd., John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and
McGraw-Hill Education

Content Creation

Work with Maplesoft to create interactive, compelling STEM-based content to use within your testing and curriculum. We also assist authors who are producing books or other publications that include Maplesoft technology.

Selected Partners: University of Waterloo, Delft University of Technology, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., McGraw-Hill Education and Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

Consulting & Product Development

Leverage Maplesoft’s expertise and years of experience to assist in product development and to solve challenging engineering problems.

Selected Partners: University of Waterloo, Delft University of Technology and McGraw-Hill Education

Product Connections & Integration

Integrate with Maplesoft products directly, or through the development of add-on connector products and toolboxes.

Selected Partners: LabVIEW™, Simulink®, Blackboard and Moodle

MapleSim Modelica Engine

The MapleSim Modelica Engine is the powerful system-level modeling engine that lies at the heart of MapleSim. This engine can be licensed as an OEM product for inclusion in your own applications and products.

Selected Partners: Altair

Sales Opportunities

Enhance sales opportunities and revenue with referral arrangements.

Selected Partners: Examity, LLC, Instructure Inc., ProctorU Inc. and Altair Engineering Inc.

Other Opportunities

The examples above are common examples of how we partner with other organizations, but there are a wide range of available opportunities. We are interested in hearing from you!

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LabVIEW™ is a trademark of National Instruments.
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