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What's New in MapleSim

Release 2021

The MapleSim 2021 family of products allows you to address design issues more easily than ever.

General Enhancements

MapleSim 2021 includes important improvements in performance, visualization, and sharing results that will improve your MapleSim experience no matter what project you are working on:

  • Improved performance for large models allows you to take advantage of the fastest simulations yet.
  • More compelling 3-D visualizations give you the ability to define dynamic shape sizes, so components are realistically represented throughout.
  • Enhanced analysis apps for optimization and parameter sweeps, including no limit on the number of parameters, and a new target value option for the Optimization App.
  • Faster loading of CAD files using the MapleSim CAD Toolbox, as well as support for the latest versions of SOLIDWORKS®, Solid Edge® and other CAD tools.
  • Powerful new simulation and analysis features in MapleSim Insight provide you with flexible video capture for sharing results, expanded connectivity with Maple.

Expanded Modeling Scope for Machine Builders

New and expanded component libraries enable engineers, especially machine builders, to build more models, more easily.

  • Easily add pneumatic systems to your MapleSim model with the new Pneumatics library, a built-in component library with over 30 customizable pneumatics components, including:
    • Directional Control Valves for controlling air flow throughout the system
    • Actuators for both single and double-acting piston configurations
    • Customizable Valves that are easily customized to your manufacturer’s specifications
    • Flow Restrictions for linear, orifice-based, and data-customizable restrictors
  • Updates to the built-in Hydraulics library, including a new cartridge valve and improved double-acting cylinders, give you a wider set of abilities for modeling hydraulic subsystems.
  • More realistic visualizations for the MapleSim Ropes and Pulleys Library show you better representations of cables and ropes as they pass through pulley systems.

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New Features for MapleSim Insight

MapleSim Insight gives machine builders powerful, simulation-based debugging and 3-D visualization capabilities that directly connect to your automation tools, so you can perform simulation-based testing of your controller easily and efficiently. In 2021, MapleSim Insight gives you faster simulation results, more options for 2-D plotting and 3-D visualizations, and the ability for in-depth, custom analysis in Maple. Use MapleSim Insight as a simple, low-cost solution for deploying MapleSim models to those who don’t have MapleSim.

  • Use multithreading for faster simulation results when running large, complex models in MapleSim Insight.
  • Easily share your simulation results with others by exporting customizable videos of your 2-D plots and 3-D visualizations.
  • Analyze detailed machine dynamics with customizable data sampling, so you can understand split-second performance issues, or quickly simulate minutes, or even hours, of performance data.
  • Get key insights faster by using traces to show you live results from a short, selected window of time while the simulation runs, and then view your full simulation results afterwards.
  • Perform customized analysis from within Maple by using a new, full-featured API that allows you to control your MapleSim Insight simulations from within Maple.
  • Learn more about MapleSim Insight

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