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Systems Engineering for All Project Stakeholders

MapleMBSE is an Excel-based tool that allows stakeholders across your entire organization to collaborate in the systems engineering process.


MapleMBSE is an Excel-based tool that makes it easy for every stakeholder to engage with the Systems Engineering (SE) project without requiring them to be an expert in your primary SE tools.

Systems engineering projects are much more likely to succeed if every stakeholder can easily contribute to the process, but most people don't have the training needed to use “traditional” SE tools. MapleMBSE makes broad engagement possible with Excel-based, task-specific interfaces for each activity in your SE project. By giving all stakeholders access to the process through a live, two-way connection to your systems model, you can ensure that all stakeholders can collaborate through the systems model, allowing them to work faster, avoid errors, and reduce unbudgeted costs.

  • Intuitive, Excel®-based interface allows all stakeholders to feed into the systems model with almost no learning curve

  • Automatic population of information between tools, ensuring that information will always be up to date in both MapleMBSE and your systems model

  • Integration with standard SysML-based MBSE platforms such as IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® and Cameo Systems Modeler™ from No Magic.

  • Rapid impact analysis of design decisions to test for conflicting requirements, all from within the intuitive MapleMBSE environment

  • Create optimized tool views for common systems engineering tasks, such as:
    • Impact analysis
    • FMEA
    • Trade-off studies
    • Design structure matrix

  • Powerful Spreadsheet Features not found in your primary SE tool
    • Flexible cut & paste with all style and value conversions
    • Data validation and duplicate detection
    • Excel-based formula capabilities
    • Edit almost all of your systems model, not just dependencies
    • Use bidirectional Query Path Expression (QPE) language to flexibly query model elements
    • Simply add new rows or columns to create new model elements

  • Customized implementations provided by Maplesoft Engineering Solutions experts to ensure that MapleMBSE is tailored to your exact systems engineering process
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MapleMBSE is an Excel-based tool that makes it easier to get every stakeholder involved with your systems engineering project. Contact us for a demo and pricing


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