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Customized Analysis

An interactive analysis environment provides an extensive collection of powerful analysis tools and the ability to quickly customize and extend these tools to suit your project. MapleSim offers unlimited analysis potential by providing you with access to both the equations and the powerful Maple mathematical engine.

Extensive library of interactive analysis templates include:

  • Multibody analysis
  • Optimization
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Inspection and analysis of linear system equations
  • Linearization of model
  • Code generation from a model
  • Custom component generation
  • Modelica custom component
  • State space description
  • Equation retrieval
    (both linear and non-linear)
  • … and more

  • Perform complicated operations at the click of a button or with a single command, including symbolic differentiation, symbolic integration, order reduction, variable isolation, and analytical solving of sets of equations.
  • Easily modify existing templates or quickly build your own using a sophisticated programming language designed for working with mathematical concepts.
  • Analysis templates automatically load your model information so you can start exploring instantly.
  • MapleSim is seamlessly integrated with Maple, so you have full access to Maple’s highly developed mathematical engine, visualization routines, interactive tools, programming language, and technical document environment for your analysis.


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Sophisticated analysis tools

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