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Drag-and-Drop Physical Modeling Environment

Easily assemble your model by selecting from the built-in physical component and signal-flow blocks.

Create Models in Minutes

With MapleSim, you avoid having to translate your design into equations and manipulate them into signal-flow block diagrams. You can simply recreate the system diagram on your screen using system-level components that represent the physical model.

Select from pre-built component libraries across multiple disciplines:

  • System equations are generated directly from the diagram
  • User-defined parameters easily customize the components
  • For advanced multi-domain engineering, the component libraries can be expanded with specialty add-ons.

Request a MapleSim Demonstration

See how to use MapleSim models to improve your product design and answer "what-if" questions about your operations.

Designed for ease of use

MapleSim modeling platform is designed for ease of use.

  • Components use familiar icons
  • To/From blocks to facilitate clean routing
  • Hierarchical model diagrams with easy model navigation
  • Block details accessible through right-click context menus
  • Favorites palette for commonly used blocks

Model validation takes less time using MapleSim because the model closely resembles the system diagram.