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Technical Whitepaper:

Modelica: The New Standard for Modeling Engineering Systems



Modelica® is the emerging standard for describing system-level models. Already pervasive in many parts of Europe, we are now seeing increasing penetration in other parts of the world, notably Japan and North America. A strong ecosystem is developing around the Modelica standard.

Soaring product complexities across many industries, including automotive (electric and hybrid vehicles), aerospace (UAVs) and energy (smart grids, green power), are putting a tremendous strain on the engineering toolchain. As a result, system-level modeling stands out as an increasingly important approach to engineering design. With system-level modeling, all the system components are simulated together in one environment. Complex and often competing requirements (engine performance vs. emissions, thermal battery requirements vs. energy used by the cooling system) and constraints (manufacturing cost, government regulations) need to be reconciled. The system-level modeling approach makes it possible to optimize the overall design from the very early stages of product development. This way, requirements are met, development timelines and costs are reduced, and products can be brought to market quickly in a very competitive environment.

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