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Maple Student Edition – Finish assignments and projects faster, and improve your understanding of even the most difficult subjects.
The Mathematics Survival Kit – Maple Edition – An interactive electronic book designed to help students overcome many of the common difficulties encountered in mathematics.
Calculus Study Guide – An electronic book intended to help a student taking a first course in calculus.
Precalculus Study Guide – An exercise-based electronic version of the introductory chapter in the standard calculus text.
Advanced Engineering Mathematics for Maple – The definitive reference software and textbook for engineering mathematics.
Maplets for Calculus – Collection of Maplets designed to help students learn calculus.
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Arc Length
Surface Area of a Surface of Revolution
Equilibrium of a Particle - Tension & Normal Forces
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Real World Math Applications
Maple adds an “out of this world” touch to math learning
Maple Technology Helps Make Eye Care More Affordable
Maple plays a significant role in creating Humanoid Robots
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What would it be like to have the smartest mathematicians by your side to help you check homework answers, take care of all the really laborious calculations and manipulations and basically be your personal mathematical assistant? Simply, you’ll have more time to concentrate on really understanding the work (giving you the edge on your exams and tests) or do something other than your math homework.

The Online Math Oracles are powerful Web math tools to solve the most common math problems. It doesn’t just calculate, it solves the algebra … as a real human would. You’ll be amazed at how easy some of the toughest math problems become.

• Plotting y=f(x) • Implicit Plotting f(x,y)=0 • Matrix Determinant
• Differentiation • Integration • Matrix Inverse
• Limits • Equation Solving • Linear System Solving
• Laplace Transform • Inverse Laplace Transform • Differential Equations

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You can do even more!

The Oracles are powered by Maple technology. Maple is the most powerful desktop mathematical software available and MapleNET delivers some of this power through the Web. But, if you’re truly serious about improving your grades and comprehension, you’ll want your own copy of Maple. The benefits of your own personal copy are immense:

  • Huge speed increase: no more waiting for the Web to wake up. Everything runs from your own computer – instant answers.
  • Total portability: take it to the library, to your friend’s place, to your room, wherever.
  • Massive increase in functionality: The Oracles you see here are only a sample of all the math that the complete version of Maple understands. The complete version is essential for senior courses, science and engineering, and post grad work.
  • Technical document environment: As a desktop application, Maple lets you combine problem-solving with reports and documents. It’s the ideal companion for lab reports, projects, and thesis work.
  • Professional headstart: Maple is widely used throughout the industry and the academic world. Proficiency with this tool will simply give you an edge over others when it comes to applying for internships, jobs, or grad school.

All this at ridiculously low student prices. You can’t lose. Upgrade to the full functionality of Maple today!