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Teaching, Learning, and Doing Math Online Just Got Easier

Maple Learn is a dynamic online environment designed specifically for teaching and learning math and solving math problems, from high-school to second year university.

Free public beta: Maple Learn is a brand new product that is freely available to instructors and students as part of an on-going public beta program.

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For Students

For Students

Much more than just a sophisticated graphing calculator, Maple Learn is a great tool to help you understand concepts and succeed in your courses.

  • Solve problems instantly, or work them out line-by-line as you would in your notebook.
  • Check individual steps as well as the final result
  • Perform side calculations that don’t interrupt the flow of your main problem
  • Deepen your understanding with graphs that change instantly as you modify the expression
  • Easily share your work with your teacher, tutor, or classmates when asking for help
For Instructors

For Instructors

Whether you are teaching remotely or in a classroom, Maple Learn provides an engaging environment that helps your students learn math.

  • Show exactly the level of detail you want in a calculation, by working through problems using a combination of manual steps and computations performed by Maple Learn
  • Provide illuminating graphs, computations, explanations, and interactive explorations all together in a single online document
  • Parameterize expressions at the click of a button for explorations of concepts
  • Easily share documents and applications with your class to explore on their own
Explore Maple Learn with sample documents

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Quickly explore concepts such as:

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Solve problems all at once OR step-by-step

Maple Learn lets you go straight to the answer, work out your problem step-by-step, or use a combination of manual steps and steps you ask Maple Learn to perform in order to solve your problem. You can use Maple Learn to quickly perform steps that are already well understood, so you can focus on the new material.

Do lots of math

Maple Learn is designed to cover the mathematics taught from high school to the second year of university. Maple Learn can help with graphing functions, solving equations, working with polynomials, finding means, row reducing matrices, finding limits, calculating derivatives, solving integrals, solving differential equations, and lots more!

Graph problems and results

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. With Maple Learn, you can graph curves instantly, watch your graph change as you change your expression, add additional curves, graph inequalities, see points of interest, and zoom in to get a better look!

Parameterize expressions

What does the a in sin(a x) do? What does the m in y = m x + b really mean? Many mathematical ideas are expressed using parameters, but it can be difficult to develop an intuitive understanding of what those parameters actually do. With Maple Learn, all it takes is a click of button to create sliders that control the values of parameters in an expression. You can then watch the graphs and related results change instantly as you move the slider, to deepen your understanding, quickly.

Make full use of the page

With Maple Learn, the full workspace is available to you. You can place plots, text, and math anywhere on the page, put side calculations off to the side of your main derivation, and generally treat the canvas like you would a piece of paper.

Create worksheets to share with students

Instructors can create lessons, provide fully worked solutions to sample problems, set up interactive graphs and expressions for concept exploration and reinforcement, give homework questions, and more in Maple Learn documents. You can then easily share these documents with students, who each work with their own copy.

Bring your problem into Maple Learn with a click of your camera

If you take a picture of your problem with the free Maple Calculator app, you can bring it straight into Maple Learn, ready to go. Enter large matrices or complicated expressions quickly, without transcription errors!

Ask for help

Maple Learn makes it easy to share documents, so when a student gets stuck, they can show their teacher, tutor, or classmate exactly what they’ve done so far. The helper gets a copy of the document, where they can add notes without interfering with the student’s on-going work, and then sends it back just as easily.

International language support

Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Danish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese