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This collection of interactive Maple applications uses Clickable Math methods to solve standard problems.


  1. Problems are taken from standard course content
  2. Examples can be modified or steps can be repeated to solve problems similar to the one shown
  3. Key steps are illustrated using short video clips, by clicking on the  buttons inside the documents
  4. Solutions are “syntax and command free”. They make use of context menus, task templates, tutors, and other interactive tools to reach the solution
  5. Explanations of interactive steps are given at every stage of the solution, making them easy to reproduce
  6. Some applications include interactive components for concept exploration
New to Maple?

These applications give detailed explanations of which tools to use and where to find them. However, they do assume you are familiar with the most basic methods of interaction with Maple. If you are new to Maple, you should first watch the Clickable Math demonstration movie.

Other training materials, including a training movie on more advanced math entry techniques (useful, though not required for these applications) can be found in the Training Center.

Trouble viewing the videos?
While viewing the Maple documents in this collection, clicking on the  button should launch the video demonstration of that step. If instead, you see a message such as “Do you want to save this file, or find a program online to open it?”, then you need to download a player capable of viewing .mp4 files, such as QuickTime (standard on Macintosh, available for Windows) or VLC (all platforms).

Download QuickTime for Windows
Download VLC player for Linux (and others)

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