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Maple and Mobile Learning

Maple-based learning from your mobile device

You know Maple is a powerful teaching and learning software tool, but you also know students expect to be able to access learning materials from their phones. Ideally, you want to make the power of Maple available to your students from their mobile devices.

With the MapleCloud, you and your students can access interactive Maple applications using only a standard web browser, from a computer, phone, tablet, or any web-enabled device. 

The MapleCloud contains hundreds of interactive MathApps ready for use, covering topics from calculus, functions and graphing, vectors and matrices, statistics, physics, algebra, and more.  MathApps use a point-and-click approach that makes it easy to visualize and experiment with mathematical concepts, even if you don’t know Maple.  You can use these Math Apps in your classes and direct your students to them for additional learning.

Here are just a few examples: