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Holistic Virtual Testing and Analysis of a Concept Hybrid Electric Vehicle Model


In this paper, the development, integration, and analysis of a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) using system level virtual testing will be presented. The work will discuss how a Modelica-based Parallel HEV powertrain model developed using MapleSim™ is integrated into IPG’s industrial vehicle modeling software tool, CarMaker®, using the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) standard; and how, using API commands, virtual testing and analysis was performed with Noesis’s optimization tool, Optimus®. The acausal modeling of the HEV powertrain was done using Modelica 3.2.1, allowing the flow of energy to be inferred from the operating characteristics and controller design. The multidomain model uses components from the electrical and mechanical libraries, including commercialized library components, from the MapleSim Driveline Library and the MapleSim Battery Library.

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