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Post-Secondary Mathematics Education Pack: Complete Set of Lessons

: Gregory Moore
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This package of Maple classroom modules by Gregory A. Moore of Cerritos College is designed to enliven the teaching of mathematics curricula at the high school, community college and beginning university levels. Each of the 49 worksheets, categorized in 13 self-contained modules, supplements a particular lecture topic. The modules cover the full spectrum of topics required for a ground level competence in mathematics. Supplementing your lectures with these interactive worksheets will open portals to mathematical learning and insight that are simply not possible with chalk alone. They empower the student to experience the beauty of mathematics with less of the drudgery and fear that accompany pure paper and pencil approaches. All concepts are illustrated both algebraically and with interactive color graphics and animations. Each worksheet is ready to use but can also be easily customized by the instructor. Mr. Moore's essay "Integrating Maple into the Math Curriculum - A Sensible Guide for Educators" (Linked below as Worksheet Output), will guide you through the incorporation of these Maple modules into your classroom instruction.

Application Details

Publish Date: October 01, 2003
Created In: Maple 7
Language: English

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