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World's Most Powerful Symbolic and Numeric Math Engine

Complementing its strong numerics, the powerful symbolic modeling engine in MapleSim provides many advantages other systems simply cannot match, from automatically generated system equations to real-time simulation code for complex systems. Symbolic computation is quickly becoming one of the most important and defining technologies of next-generation modeling techniques. It provides the flexibility to develop model equations quickly and it offers the flexibility to better manage models and get to the optimal results faster.

With its symbolic approach, MapleSim provides many advantages, including:

  • Automatically generated system equations
  • Algebraic simplification of model equations without loss of fidelity
  • Symbolic reduction of DAEs to index 1
  • Elimination of algebraic loops
  • High-accuracy stiff solvers through the use of exact, symbolic Jacobians instead of numeric approximations
  • Commonly used multibody properties, such as mass matrices, constraint Jacobians, and force functions
  • Advanced analysis: sensitivity, optimization, inverse kinematics, inverse dynamics, and more
  • Highly sophisticated event detection and handling
  • Advanced code generation and optimization


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Directly Mapping the Model Diagram to the Physical System

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Intuitive multi-domain modeling

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Fast solvers for ODE and DAE systems

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Unique symbolic computation tools