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From Concept to Deployment

Maple - a complete, rapid solution development environment for thousands of technical organizations.

Validation and Understanding

  • Advanced analysis tools for the mathematically rigorous development of the concept.
  • Sophisticated development tools for the creation of efficient algorithms and easy-to-use interfaces.
  • Multiple deployment options that do not require the use of Maple by the end user.
  • A strong connection between the engineering knowledge and the final applications, so the understanding behind the application is preserved, the process can be validated, and the code more easily updated.

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions

Reduce Development Risk. Create Better Products. Get to Market Faster

Maplesoft products and services help engineers meet their project requirements quickly and effectively.

Maplesoft Engineering Solutions include a mix of products and services, tailor-made to fit your requirements.

The Mobius Project
Recorded Webinar: Math Software in a Multicore World
From automatic parallelism built into algorithms, to programming tools for creating your own parallel algorithms for multi-processor and grid computing, Maple supports many forms of parallel computation.

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Applications and Examples for Engineers

The Application Center contains thousands of free Maple applications across a wide variety of industries & disciplines.

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User Case Studies

Discover why leading institutions from around the globe use Maple to handle their most challenging tasks.

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Reduce your model development time from months to days with MapleSim, the system-level modeling tool based on Maple.
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