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Maplesoft products are used to solve technical challenges, conduct research and enhance academic instruction. Browse our collection of user case studies to discover why leading organizations and institutions from around the globe rely on Maplesoft for their most challenging tasks.

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MapleSim used to speed up development of high-fidelity robotic manipulator models

Using MapleSim, engineers created multiple models of robotic manipulator in time previously required to create just one model 

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Maple T.A. fosters collaborative learning environment at Marine Institute of Memorial University

In a world of innovative ideas and expanding technology, instructors are continually searching for new methods to more effectively engage their students and communicate complex concepts in a way that facilitates a deeper understanding of materials being taught. At the Fisheries and Marine Institute at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Maple T.A. was adopted to facilitate greater engagement between students and course subject matter through its instantaneous, algorithmic approach to administering tests in mathematics. 

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