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Application Briefs Maplesoft products are used in diverse application areas including automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy, and finance. Application Briefs demonstrate how the power of Maplesoft can be applied to your work.

High Fidelity, High Performance Battery Models Help Manufacturers Build Greener Cars
The automotive industry requires computationally efficient, high-fidelity battery models for their electric vehicle development.
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Model Reduces New Product Development Time for Food Processing Company
A food processing company needs to model the temperature dynamics and control of a heat exchanger to ensure a key ingredient is at the correct temperature.
MapleSim Gives Better Solution for Vibrating Dance Floor
For years, the Terrace on the Park Building in New York experienced issues with vibrating dance floors.
Integrating Geometric Properties Delivers Better Gear Modeling
Gear models that include the geometric properties of the gears, how the gear teeth interact with each other, and how those effects are transmitted to other components in the system give more accurate results.
Cooling Model Helps Aerospace Company Reduce Manufacturing Costs
An aerospace company makes ceramic tiles for shuttle thermal protections systems.
Predictive Model of Wind Turbine Helps Customer Design Effective Controller
A customer in the energy sector needs to develop predictive models of wind power generation systems.
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Other Application Briefs
Assessing the Accuracy of a Rocket's Trajectory Through Space
Mooring of Two Ships
A Novel Approach to Stabilize the Re-Entry Path of a Space Shuttle
Analyze the Path of a Liquid-Handling Robot
Optimal Control Design of a Voice Coil Actuator Head in a Hard Drive
Modeling the Dynamics of an Ice Tank Carriage
Maple is Used to Quickly Discover and Correct Error in Reaction Model
Smaller Radiator Design with Optimized Heat Transfer Performance
Maple Optimizes Controller Design to Guide the Motion of a Maglev Train

Bicycle Model Supports Design Work of a Health Research and Development Center
The researchers required a model that was detailed enough to deal with the fundamental dynamics of bicycle motion and could also be expanded to incorporate elements such as different road conditions.
Automotive Battery Model Gives Better Results by Incorporating Both Electrical and Thermal Characteristics
The challenge of this project was to create an electrical and thermal model of a lead-acid automotive battery.
Excavator Component Supplier Reduces Effort, Improves Results, and Satisfies Clients by Replacing Aging In-House Software with Modern Modeling Tools
A machine component designer company needs an excavator model to illustrate how well its components...
Mechanical/Hydraulic Model Used to Increase Loading Capacity of Hydraulic Scissor Lift
Scissor lifts enable access to elevated work areas by raising a gantry with a scissor mechanism.
Camera Model in the Classroom Helps Train Better Engineers
In a first year engineering course at a prestigious university, students are required to reverse engineer a shutter on a disposable camera as part of an engineering design course.
Physical Parameters Can be Modified Directly in Comprehensive Touch Screen Model
The challenge of this project is to create a model of a capacitive touch screen, including physical modeling...
Consultants in Mechatronics and Real-Time Control Quickly Produce Multi-Domain System Models
Quanser Consulting Inc. is a world-leading expert and supplier of academic experimentation in the area of ...