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Training: In-Product Training Resources


Maple comes with many built-in training resources. Here are just a few to get you started.

For a quick overview, start by checking out the Maple Ten Minute Tour. This demonstration provides a full overview of Maple and gives you the basic information you need to get started quickly. From the Help menu in Maple, select Take a Tour of Maple, and then click the Ten Minute Tour button. You can also access the tour from the Online Help System.

Next, visit the Maple Portal, which is designed as a starting place for any Maple user. It includes step-by-step tutorials that provide a comprehensive overview of important Maple concepts. Beginners can step through the basics of mathematical exploration and plotting, while more advanced users can use the tutorials to learn about document creation, data structures, and interactive application development. The Portal also provides quick-access “how to” information for a variety of common tasks, an introduction to the most commonly used tools and features, and specialized content for students, math educators, and engineers. There is a link to the Maple Portal from the Maple Tour page. Alternatively, enter ?MaplePortal in the worksheet or search for MaplePortal in the help. The Maple Portal can also be accessed from the Online Help System.

The Quick Reference contains a summary of important concepts and commands. Versions for each platform are included in Maple in electronic form, as part of the help system. See Help > Quick Reference to view the Quick Reference Card.


MapleSim includes dozens of built-in examples of models from several domains, including electric circuits, multibody systems, and multidomain models. To explore the examples, select Examples from the Help menu. More examples are available

For text-based tutorials, see Help > Tutorials. For video tutorials, click on the links in the MapleSim Resources dialog, which appears automatically when you open MapleSim, and can be accessed from Help > Show Startup Dialog at any time. These tutorials help you get started with MapleSim and learn about key features and tools.

The MapleSim User’s Guide contains conceptual information about MapleSim, an overview of MapleSim features, and step-by step tutorials. From the Help menu in MapleSim, select MapleSim Help... to open the MapleSim help system. The MapleSim User’s Guide can be accessed from the table of contents. This guide can also be downloaded from the Documentation Center.