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Toolbar: Annotations

The Annotations toolbar contains tools for adding text and graphic annotations to your model. In the MapleSim Window, the Annotations toolbar is located below the Model Workspace Toolbar.



Note: If you do not see the Annotations toolbar, click Show/Hide Drawing Tools ( ) in the Model Workspace toolbar.




Use the text tool to add text annotations to the Model Workspace.

Draw a line or arrow.

Draw a rectangle.

Draw an oval.

Select a color for lines, and the outlines of rectangles and ovals that you draw.

Select a fill or image file to display in a  rectangle or oval that you draw.

Select a line style and thickness.

Align the selected objects. Objects can be aligned vertically (along the top, center, or bottom) or horizontally (to the left, center, or right).

Move the selected objects to the back.

Move the selected objects backward.

Move the selected objects forward.

Move the selected objects to the front.

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