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Toolbar: Model Workspace

The Model Workspace toolbar contains tools for browsing your model and subsystems hierarchically, changing the model view, viewing the corresponding Modelica code, and other controls for building your model. In the MapleSim window, the following buttons and menus are located below the Main toolbar:




Main. Browse to the top level of your model.

Parent. Browse to the parent of the current component.

Open. Display the contents of the selected component or subsystem.

Icon View.  Switch to Icon View to add illustrations, text, shapes or lines to change the appearance of a subsystem or custom component icon.

Parameters View. Switch to Parameters View to define and edit global parameters for model components.

(Click Diagram View ( ) to switch to back to the diagram view.)

Code View. Switch to Code View to view Modelica source code associated with the model in the Model Workspace.

(Click Diagram View ( ) to switch to back to the diagram view.)

Attach a probe to your model.

Add a parameter block to your model.

Add a new (blank) Modelica custom component to your model.

Exclude a section of your model from the next simulation run. This button is available when you select objects in the Model Workspace.

Group the selected components into a subsystem.

Create a Modelica custom component from the selected component/subsystem.

Convert the shared subsystem into a standalone subsystem.

Convert the standalone subsystem to a shared subsystem.

Show/hide the port labels for the selected subsystem.

Restore the selected icon to its default size.

Orient the selected component by either flipping it or rotating it.

Update the routing connections for the selected components.

Hide the Annotations toolbar.

Show the Annotations toolbar.

Turn snap to grid on or off.

Toggle to allow connecting to subsystem ports or to move subsystem ports.

Select a layout type for connection lines.

Set the zoom level for the model diagram.


Note: You may need to either collapse panes or make the MapleSim window wider in order to view all of the controls in the toolbar.

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