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Overview of the ImageTools Package


Calling Sequence


Accessing Package Commands

List of Package Commands

Draw Subpackage

Calling Sequence





The ImageTools package implements a number of image processing functions.


Within this package, image data is represented as dense rectangular Arrays of 64-bit hardware floating point numbers.  Grayscale and color images can be represented; see ImageTools[ImageTypes] for descriptions of the types and data structures.


See the applications,ImageProcessing worksheet for a demonstration of the ImageTools package.

Accessing Package Commands


Each command in the ImageTools package can be accessed by using either the long form or the short form of the command name in the command calling sequence.

Because the underlying implementation of the ImageTools package is a module, it is possible to use the form ImageTools:-command to access a command from the package. For more information, see Module Members.

List of Package Commands

The following is a list of available commands. To display the help page for a particular command, see Getting Help with a Command in a Package.



Entropy    compute entropy of an image


Height     return height (rows) of an image


Histogram  create a histogram of the layers


Intensity  measure intensity of layers


Quality    compute quality measure of a reconstructed image


Width      return width (columns) of an image



Clip         clip image to low and high values


Complement   complement an image


Flip         flip an image horizontally or vertically


GetSubImage  extract a subimage from an image


PadImage     pad an image to desired size


Rotate       rotate an image (90 degree increments)


Scale        rescale an image


SetSubImage  insert a subimage into an image


Stack        stack images horizontally or vertically


Transpose    transpose an image



ColorTransform  perform arbitrary color space conversion


CombineLayers   combine grayscale images into a color image


Gamma           adjust intensity of layers


GetLayer        return layer from a multi-layer image


HSVtoRGB        convert HSV to RGB


RGBtoGray       convert RGB to Grayscale


RGBtoHSV        convert RGB to HSV


RGBtoYUV        convert RGB to YUV


SetLayer        insert a layer into a multi-layer image


ToGrayscale     synonym for RGBtoGray


ToRGB           convert Gray/RGB/RGBA to RGB


ToRGBA          convert Gray/RGB/RGBA to RGBA


YUVtoRGB        convert YUV to RGB



Checkerboard   create a checkerboard test image


Create         create an image

File I/O


FormatFromName  return file type (format)


Formats         supported file formats


Read            read an image from a file


Write           write an image to a file



Convolution            convolve an image with a mask/kernel


FitIntensity           scale intensities to fit within a range


Layers                 return the number of layers of an image


Mask                   apply mask to image


ScaleIntensity         scale intensities of selected layers


Threshold              threshold an image


WhatTypeImage          return the specific image type


EdgeDetect             detect the edges of an image


ImagePeriodogram       generate the periodogram of an image


HoughLine              detect lines on an image


ProbabilisticHoughLine detect lines segments on an image



Embed           embed images


PlotHistogram   plot histogram of an image


Preview         preview an image


View            view images

Draw Subpackage


The ImageTools:-Draw subpackage provides primitives for drawing into an ImageTools:-Image.


The following is a list of available commands.


draw a circle primitive


draw a line primitive


draw a poly primitive


draw a solid circle primitive


draw a solid rectangle primitive


draw a text primitive


determine the size of a text primitive

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