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Section A-12: Additional Resources

In addition, here are links to resources either in the Maple program itself, or on the Maplesoft web site. The web-site materials are recorded demonstrations of Maple features and techniques.


Student Portal

Answers nearly 150 questions "How do I...?" (See Section A-1.)

Clickable Calculus 1

Recorded demonstration of syntax-free usage of Maple in differential calculus

Clickable Calculus 2

Recorded demonstration of syntax-free usage of Maple in integral calculus

Teaching Concepts

More than 150 examples articulated via the syntax-free techniques of Clickable Calculus

Student Help Center

Online Math Oracles, Student Forum, etc.

Maple Training Videos

Several basic tutorials on interface structure and math problem solving

Welcome Center

Maplesoft web site with pointers to resources for users

Clickable Calculus Series

A series of six recordings on Calculus I, II, III, DE, Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus

Clickable Math Techniques

Demonstrations of syntax-free Maple usage

Maple User Manual

Embedded copy of the Maple User Manual

Teacher Resource Center

Focal point for instructor resources, with links of interest to students as well


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