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Content, Curriculum & Resources for Teaching with Maple

Teaching Concepts with Maple

Video examples and downloadable Maple documents designed to help your students learn concepts quickly and with greater understanding. Examples are included in differential calculus, integral calculus, multivariate calculus, differential equations, linear algebra and vector calculus.

Constrained Optimization
Tangent Plane

Math & Engineering Curriculum Content
Free math curriculum content to enhance the classroom experience.

Exploring Engineering Fundamentals

Symmetry Free, professionally developed content designed to teach engineering fundamentals. Students use this material to explore and reinforce concepts, and instructors use it to supplement lectures, and as ase material for labs and assignments. Topics include:

Clickable Math Applications for Use in the Classroom

The idea of powerful mathematics delivered through very visual, interactive, point-and-click methods has launched a new generation of teaching and learning techniques in mathematics. Video Demonstration: What is Clickable Math?

Download over 50 applications available for Calculus and Engineering.

  • Problems are taken from standard course content.
  • Key steps are illustrated with video clips
  • Solutions are "syntax and command free"

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Ready-to-Use Question Content for Maple T.A.

Thousands of questions are available for you to use and customize within your Maple T.A. implementation. Content is available within the Maple T.A. Cloud for subjects such as calculus, precalculus, algebra, differential equations, linear algebra, physics, chemistry, engineering, statistics and economics. In addition, Maplesoft offers pre-packaged sets of question content that has been developed in partnership with prestigious organizations and school systems

Maple T.A. Cloud

Packaged Content

Great Examples for the Classroom

The Application Center contains over 2,000 examples, demos and tutorials that are free to download.
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Let's Play Yahtzee!
Author: Maplesoft

Why is the Minimum Payment of a Credit Card so Low
Author: Jason Schattman

Double Pendulum
Author: Prof. Carl Madigan

Series of Constants
Author: Maplesoft

New Release - Maple T.A. 9
Teaching Resources within Maple

There are many features in Maple designed to support teaching and learning, including: