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1 Getting Started

Don't worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.

~Albert Einstein

Mathematics touches us every day—from the simple chore of calculating the total cost of our purchases to the complex calculations used to construct the bridges we travel.

To harness the power of mathematics, Maplesoft provides a tool in an accessible and complete form. That tool is Maple.

1.1 In This Chapter



Introduction to Maple - The main features of Maple's Standard Interface


Starting the Standard Document Interface


Entering commands and mathematical expressions




Context Panel


Copy and drag keys


Saving Maple documents

Entering Expressions - Methods of entering expressions in 1-D and 2-D Math


Execution groups


Math Mode and Text Mode




Symbol names


Toolbar icons

Point-and-Click Interaction - An introduction to the point-and-click features in Maple