Reinventing Math Education with Maple Learn
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Reinventing Math Education with Maple Learn

Let us show you how learning and teaching math just got easier!

Recorded Webinar: Changing the Face of Mathematics Education

Bring learning to life with the premier environment for exploring concepts, solving problems, and creating rich online math content.

Rich collection of ready-made content

We've got lessons, interactive concept explorations, examples, step-by-step solutions, practice quizzes, homework, and much more, all ready for you to use with your classes. Great for math from high school to university, as well as physics, economics, and more.

You’ve got the ideas, we’ve got the platform that makes it easy

Whether you use existing content as-is, customize it, or build your own, Maple Learn is the easiest way to create rich, interactive math-based content and share it with your class online.

Flexible classroom licenses

Get unlimited access to functionality, content, and content sharing at a lower rate, plus access to our team of expert content developers.

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Content Services are here to help

We know you are busy, so let us help you bring your visions to life, transforming your static curriculum into interactive lessons

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Special Offer on Maple Learn!

Put Maple Learn in your classroom for a year and get an extra year for free! If your school already uses Maple, you may be eligible for a 2 year classroom subscription of Maple Learn Premium for the price of 1.

*Offer ends December 31, 2022. Conditions apply.