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Maplesoft offers free Maple Bootcamps for instructors and students who are using Maple in a course. With a Maple Bootcamp, your students will receive:
  • An introduction to Maple fundamentals, including key techniques and pitfalls to avoid
  • Information about Maple features specific to the actual course they are taking
  • An opportunity to ask questions of Maple experts
To sign up for a Maple Bootcamp, simply fill in the request form. A Maplesoft representative will be in touch to discuss your class’s needs, and arrange a mutually agreeable time for the training.

How it Works

  • Training delivered over Zoom, a free remote conferencing service
  • You need an internet connection, projector, and speakers in the room where students will receive the training (typically their regular classroom)
  • Session lasts approximately 20 minutes
  • Students do not require access to computers during the training