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The Maple Adoption Program supports instructors who are using Maple in their courses. Benefits of the program include:

  1. Training for students: We will help train your students to use Maple confidently
  2. Bootcamps: Live sessions with a Maplesoft expert, with training material tailored to your course
  3. Student discounts: Students in your class receive a 25% discount on their purchase of Maple
  4. Free home use: You get a free home-use license of Maple
  5. Special access: Interact directly with members of the Maplesoft Customer Success Team, so you can ask questions, share your experiences, and more
Registration for New Members

If we sent you or your school a Maple Adoption Code, you are pre-qualified to register in this program. Fill in the form below, and Maplesoft will provide access to the Adoption Center in about one business day.

Help Adoption Code: Each institution belonging to the Adoption Program has an Adoption Code that is required for instructors to participate. Your Adoption Code may have been sent to you via e-mail, and/or to your school's Maple administrator.

If you do not have your Adoption Code, contact Maplesoft customer service for assistance.
Login for Existing Members

I don’t have an Adoption Code. Can I join anyway?

Probably! If you are:

  • An instructor who is using Maple in your course
  • Recommending or requiring that your students use Maple
  • Are part of the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Program (either through your own Maple license or under your school’s license)

Then you are eligible to join the Maplesoft Adoption Program.  Please contact Maplesoft Customer Service to verify your eligibility and obtain your Adoption Code.

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