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Online Assessment System for STEM Courses

Truly assess student understanding of math-based concepts.

Take advantage of automated testing in your STEM courses!

Free yourself from the cost and effort of paper-and-pencil assessment, while still asking exactly the questions you want to ask, even in your mathematics-based courses! Maple T.A. is powerful online testing and assessment software designed especially for courses involving mathematics. Its unparalleled abilities allow instructors to truly assess student understanding of math-based concepts, making it ideal for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses. With Maple T.A. you can:

  • Ask the questions you want to ask, and have them graded intelligently, the same way you would

  • Provide instant feedback to your students

  • Give your students lots of opportunities to practice without adding to your workload

  • Limit cheating while encouraging productive collaboration

  • Spend less time marking and more time on other aspects of the course

  • Offer as many assignments as you feel your students need, without being limited by teaching assistant availability

  • Identify and correct conceptual misunderstandings immediately

  • Eliminate logistical problems, from lost assignments to "grading parties" and the nightmare of arranging large-scale placement testing

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Maple T.A. and its Benefits

With the flexibility of Maple T.A. and its ability to leverage authentic assessment, it enables NAIT to offer courses to students who couldn’t previously afford it in terms of time.

Designed especially for courses involving mathematics

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses have their own requirements when it comes to automated assessment, and Maple T.A. was designed specifically to meet those needs. Offering standard math notation, sophisticated plotting, free-response math questions, intelligent grading of responses, and more, Maple T.A. provides everything you need to take full advantage of automated assessment in your math-based courses.

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Integrates with your technology

Maple T.A. can be integrated into your existing course infrastructure and accessed from any web-enabled device, so you can offer a natural, seamless experience for your students. Maple T.A. is compatible with virtually any course management or learning management system, including Blackboard®, Canvas, Moodle™, Brightspace™, and more.

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Puts you in control of your testing content

Maple T.A. is the system of choice for those who want full control over their testing content. Whether you want to customize some of the tens of thousands of freely available questions or create your own, Maple T.A. provides the most comprehensive, easiest-to-use authoring tools available for STEM-based content.

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Maple T.A. Webinar
Recorded Webinar:
Automated Testing for STEM Education: An Introduction to Maple T.A.

This webinar demonstrates the key features of Maple T.A. from both the instructor and student viewpoint