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What is the Maple Adoption Program?
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Maple Adopion Program

What is the Maple Adoption Program?

The Maple Adoption Program is designed to support instructors who have access to Maple at their institution (for example, through a department or site license), who are incorporating Maple into a course, and who are requiring or recommending the use of Maple by their students.

The program is simple:

  1. Institutions that are eligible for the program are automatically enrolled in the Adoption Program, and individual instructors can join the program by signing up online.
  2. Instructors can then register their courses that incorporate Maple. Maplesoft will then provide a code that students can use to purchase Maple at a discount through the Maplesoft web store.
  3. Instructors communicate the discount information to students by using one of the convenient tools made available within the Adoption Program web site.
  4. As a thank you for registering a course in the Maple Adoption Program, and including Maple in their course(s), instructors can download a no-charge home use license of Maple.

How can I join the Maple Adoption Program?

The Adoption Program is available for instructors at institutions that have Maple licenses and are enrolled in the Elite Maintenance Program. If you are an instructor at one of these institutions and you would like access to the Program, or if you'd like to find out if your institution is already enrolled in the program, please contact Maplesoft Customer Service.

For information about acquiring a Maple license for your institution, please contact Maplesoft Sales.