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Toolbar: Main Toolbar

In the MapleSim window, the following buttons are found in the Main Toolbar:




Create a new model.

Open an existing model.

Save a model as an .msim file.

Open the templates dialog box to attach MapleSim templates to your model. You can use MapleSim templates to perform analysis tasks on the current model.

Undo the last operation.

Redo the last operation.

Cut the selection to the clipboard.

Copy the selection to the clipboard.

Paste clipboard contents into the model workspace.

Reload the current library.

Show the 3-D Workspace.

Simulate the current MapleSim model.

Simulate the current MapleSim model using a snapshot.

Stop the simulation. This button appears when a simulation is running.

Show the Results Manager window.

Send an e-mail message with an attachment of the current MapleSim model to the Maplesoft Technical Support team (Microsoft® Windows® only).

Open the MapleSim help system.

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