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An Integrated Development Environment for the Maple Programming Language The Maple IDE, powered by DigiArea Inc., is an integrated development environment for the Maple programming language that improves your productivity by providing advanced tools for writing and managing Maple projects.  The Maple IDE, which is based on the Eclipse™ platform, offers a customized industry-standard environment for medium- to large-scale Maple development projects.

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With the Maple IDE, you can:
  • Write code faster
  • Make fewer coding errors
  • Update your code efficiently and accurately
  • Create and update Maple libraries quickly and easily
  • Group code logically into separate files for easier management, without sacrificing ease of testing or library creation

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Summary of Key Features

Writing Code

  • Reduce syntax errors and save coding time with Content Assist Templates for creating procedures, loops, and more.
  • Understand what you have written easily with syntax coloring and automatic indenting, configurable to match your personal preferences.
  • Keep track of your brackets, braces, quotes, and other paired bracketing characters with bracket matching that highlights the matching element, so you can be sure you have placed these characters correctly.
  • Create a “Still to Do” list by tagging items to be added or fixed using specially labeled comments directly in the code where the work is to be done, and see a summary of these outstanding tasks in a Tasks view so you do not forget about them.
  • Call procedures and modules correctly, without having to interrupt your current task to find their definitions, with usage popups available for both Maple commands and your own routines.
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Updating, Maintaining, and Understanding Code

  • Easily navigate through a file using an outline view that gives a summary of the code structure.
  • Quickly find and jump to the definition of a variable, procedure, or other object, even if it is located in a different file.
  • Rename a procedure or variable across all your source files with just one operation.
  • See all occurrences of a variable, across all the files in your project, presented together in a single list.
  • Catch problems early through comprehensive reporting of syntax errors and warnings.
  • View a summary of all problems found in the code and markers showing the most likely source of each problem.
  • Make dense code more readable by adding indenting, blank lines, and spaces between expressions to a code file using a single code formatting operation.
  • Disable or enable blocks of code with a single keystroke to facilitate testing.
  • Test your code and see the results of execution from inside the Maple IDE.
  • Compare the current version of your code file with a previous version, with the differences highlighted.
  • Revert a file to an earlier version, or restore just part of the file, such as reverting to an earlier procedure definition while leaving the rest of the code unchanged.
  • Create a Maple library archive for easy distribution of your code, and easily update it when the code is changed.
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Which Maple development environment is right for me?

If you...
  • Write short scripts or procedures
  • Typically use less than a screen or two of code to solve your problem

… use the Code Editor included with Maple.

If you do any of the following...

  • Develop medium to extremely long programs
  • Use a text editor to write Maple code
  • Spread your project code across multiple files
  • Create Maple libraries
… use the Maple IDE!

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