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Advanced System-Level Modeling

MapleSim is a Modelica®-based system-level modeling and simulation tool that applies modern techniques to dramatically reduce model development time, provide greater insight into system behavior, and produce fast, high-fidelity simulations.

  • Verify your design before building a prototype, by creating a high fidelity virtual prototype of your entire system in a multidomain modeling environment

  • Simplify model development with model diagrams that closely resemble the system diagram, making them easier to construct and verify visually

  • Refine and optimize your designs with an extensive collection of powerful analysis tools and the ability to customize and extend these tools to suit your project

  • Quickly meet your specialized modeling needs, with easy-to-create equation-based custom components, access to specialized Modelica libraries, and customizable components

  • Reduce late stage changes by identifying unexpected subsystem interactions and other design problems early in the development cycle

  • Achieve extremely fast simulation code without sacrificing model fidelity, with highly optimized model code suitable for real-time and in-the-loop testing

  • Enhance your toolchain without adding overhead, with easy connectivity to Simulink®, FMI-compliant modeling tools, CAD tools, and more

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