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Engineering from Home

Engineers around the world must now find ways to stay productive and collaborate from remote office environments. Maplesoft offers modeling and calculation tools that help with the design, validation, and testing of engineering projects, so you can stay productive and collaborate remotely.

Digital Twins & Virtual Commissioning

Reduce your dependence on physical prototypes and onsite visits by validating design concepts and control software with MapleSim.

Validate Designs before Physical Prototypes

Reduce your reliance on physical prototypes by using MapleSim to create a Digital Twin, so you can size components, adjust operating speeds, and more – all from your remote workspace. Get started quickly by importing your existing CAD models.

Accurate, Virtual Controls Testing

Commissioning new machines often requires weeks or months of testing, fixing issues, and onsite visits. Digital twins from MapleSim work with popular automation platforms, so you can test your control code without a physical machine present, fixing issues virtually and seeing a 3D visualization of your machine operation.

Collaborate with Models, not Spreadsheets

MapleSim allows you to communicate ideas using automatically generated graphs and 3D model animations. Use the MapleSim Explorer to give your whole team the ability to interact with MapleSim models, at a fraction of the cost of a typical MapleSim license. To share your designs with anyone, use the MapleSim Server to provide access to those with only a web browser.

Digital Twins & Virtual Commissioning
I’ve been removing my dependency from the machinery so that I could do faster iterations with the confidence that I haven't broken things. See the full interview
John Welty, Welty Automation
Injection Molding Machine

Case Study

Using Virtual Commissioning for a New, Competitive Injection Molding Machine

See how MapleSim was used to help size motors and validate control strategies for an injection molding machine.

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See how MapleSim can help you work remotely on your projects

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Calculation Management

Maple gives you a single environment for performing and documenting engineering calculations, so you can easily communicate and share your ideas remotely.

Calculation Management
No other tool I'm familiar with lets me do all that image processing, and then do all the calculations I need, all in one place. See the full story
David Shelby, Eastman Chemical Company

Better Calculations, Better Documentation

Maple provides you with thousands of engineering functions so you can get started quickly. You can document your calculations with a modern, full-featured word processing toolset, and share your work in virtually any format you choose.

Share Live Calculations with Anyone

Give all of your teammates – even those without Maple – the ability to view, interact, and visualize your work by using the Maple Player. This free tool lets you share solutions internally, keeping your documents secure without sacrificing functionality.

Dedicated Support for your Projects

With a staff of product experts, mathematicians, and engineers, Maplesoft is dedicated to supporting your success with Maple. Take advantage of our online communities for product support, or contact us directly so we can ensure your success.

Case Study

Creating Robust, Auditable Calculations in the Mining Industry

See how Maple was used to create fully-documented calculations that could be easily shared across teams.

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Injection Molding Machine

See how Maple can help you perform and manage calculations remotely

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