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Maplesoft Releases Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple

Definitive Interactive E-Book Greatly Enhances Advanced Engineering Mathematics Series for Engineering Professionals, Students and Instructors

September 1, 2005 - Maplesoft™, the leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science and mathematics, announced today the availability of Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple™, the definitive reference software and textbook for engineering mathematics. Advanced Engineering Mathematics is a classic series featuring several books from multiple publishers all under the same title. This Maplesoft release is the first electronic, interactive version.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple, an essential resource for every engineering professional, student and instructor, provides complete coverage of all major areas of engineering mathematics. The author, Dr. Robert J. Lopez, is a renowned professor and Maple expert, who pioneered the instructional use of Maple for general and engineering mathematics.

The founding companies of the Numerical Mathematics Consortium established the organization to create a standard specification for numeric mathematics that ensures algorithm portability and reuse across platforms and applications. The organization’s objective is to create a specification that defines core mathematical function definitions applicable to numeric algorithms. These algorithms can then be implemented in a wide variety of application areas such as industrial control, embedded design and scientific research, as well as be easily shared among researchers and developers in industry and academia.

"An e-book for Advanced Engineering Mathematics is a new paradigm for learning and using engineering math," said Dr. Lopez, who also authored the print version published by Addison-Wesley in 2001. "The combination of the content and an interactive tool like Maple makes this much more effective than print alone. The reader can interact with the mathematics and graphs in the book, exploring parameters, running what-if scenarios, and modifying examples to solve specific problems. Advanced Engineering Mathematics is one of the most important titles in engineering and is an essential part of every engineer’s toolset."

Dr. Tom Lee, Vice President of Market Development for Maplesoft, says, "Maplesoft is committed to offering the core tools and the content to make math more useful and accessible to all engineers. Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple provides the same depth and breadth as the print version, but is more useful and convenient as it provides a unique combination of reference information and live computation. It is the ideal tool for engineers and students to look up essential mathematical techniques, perform calculations, and learn topics."

Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple was designed to benefit engineering professionals, students and instructors. The e-book provides professionals with a handy, easy-to-use reference text. Its logical topic breakdown allows the reader to focus on concepts of interest, and the examples can be easily modified to help solve similar problems. With the e-book’s clear exposition, it also serves as a topic refresher for infrequently used subject areas.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple is the essential companion for mathematics courses, including ODEs, PDEs, Vector Calculus, Matrix Algebra, Complex Variables, Numerical Methods and the Calculus of Variations. With its explanations, modifiable examples, and exercises, this single e-book helps students learn and solve problems quickly, and serves as a reference after finishing the courses. A Student Manual that contains full solutions to many exercises in the e-book is also available.

The e-book was created and used in the author’s classes, so its materials have been class-tested at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. An Instructor Manual with solutions to all exercises is also available. Instructors interested in adopting the textbook should contact Maplesoft.

Key Features
Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple features nine major subject areas, 48 chapters and 273 section topics. The e-book includes modifiable examples and interactive graphs throughout. The text provides a logical arrangement of topics with many short self-contained sections for easy, direct access. Concepts are stated and explained clearly before, rather than after, the mechanical calculation techniques are introduced, resulting in quicker comprehension of the important ideas. It includes many real-world applications of interest to engineers selected from a wide spectrum of physical and mathematical disciplines. The e-book features more than 7000 exercises, including section exercises and chapter review questions. Answers are provided to selected exercises.

About the Author
Dr. Robert J. Lopez, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana, is an award winning educator in engineering mathematics and is the author of several books including Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Addison-Wesley 2001). For over a decade, Dr. Lopez has also been a visionary figure in the introduction of Maplesoft technology into undergraduate education. Dr. Lopez earned his PhD in mathematics from Purdue University, his MS from the University of Missouri - Rolla, and his BA from Marist College. He has held academic appointments at Rose-Hulman (1985-2003), Memorial University of Newfoundland (1973-1985), and the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (1970-1973). His publication and research history includes manuscripts and papers in a variety of pure and applied mathematics topics. He has received numerous awards for outstanding scholarship and teaching.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple is currently available and can be purchased directly from the Maplesoft Web Store at The e-book requires Maple 10, the most powerful and intuitive tool for solving complex mathematical problems and creating rich, executable technical documents. Maple 10 is also available directly from the Maplesoft Web Store. Outside of the US and Canada, Maple 10 is available from Maplesoft reseller partners. A list of partners is available at

About Maplesoft
Maplesoft is a leading developer and provider of interactive mathematical software. Its suite of products includes Maple, the most powerful and intuitive tool for solving complex mathematical problems and creating rich, executable technical documents; MapleNet, a Web-based platform for sharing Maple content for collaboration and e-learning; and Maple T.A., a Web-based system for creating tests, assignments and exercises, automatically assessing student responses and performance. Its standards-compliant algorithms are renowned for their speed, accuracy and reliability. In addition, Maplesoft leads the market with innovations that make the management of technical knowledge – whether in industry, or in a classroom – more effective and efficient. Over two million users at thousands of organizations benefit from advanced Maple technology. The Maplesoft commercial customer base includes Boeing, Bosch, Canon and NASA. Additionally, virtually every major university and research institute in the world, including MIT, Stanford, Oxford and Waterloo, has adopted Maplesoft products to enhance its education and research activities. For more information, visit

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