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Maplesoft's Global Optimization Toolbox Penetrates Key Markets
Powerful Solution Brings Industrial-Class Optimization to Academic, Commercial and Research Applications Worldwide

WATERLOO, CANADA, February 28, 2005 – Maplesoft™, the leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science and mathematics, today announced the success of its Global Optimization Toolbox in the academic, commercial and research markets. Released in June 2004, the Global Optimization Toolbox extends the power of Maple™ 9.5, the standard among interactive math software, enabling a wide range of professionals to obtain the mathematically optimized solution to complex modeling problems. In addition to US-based organizations such as Fairchild Semiconductor, Kentucky State University and Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Global Optimization Toolbox is being used by organizations in Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy and France, among others.

Optimization is the science of finding solutions that satisfy complicated constraints and objectives. In engineering, constraints may arise from technical issues. In business, constraints are related to many factors, including cost, time, and staff. The goal of global optimization is to find the absolute best answer for models that have a number of possible solutions, a process that can be extremely difficult without the best tools. Frequently engineers and researchers are forced to settle for solutions that are "good enough" at the expense of extra time, money, and resources, because the best solution has not been found.

"The Global Optimization Toolbox meets the needs of industry professionals by providing the tools they need to solve a wide range of complex modeling problems, ranging from advanced engineering design applications to econometrics and finance, management science, medical research and biotechnology and scientific modeling," said Dr. Laurent Bernardin, Maplesoft’s Chief Scientist. "Using the Global Optimization Toolbox, users can formulate optimization models easily inside the powerful Maple numeric and symbolic system, and then use world-class Maple numeric solvers to return the best answer, fast."

"Maple's optimization add-on has permitted me to lock-in on optimal parameters in problems involving six parameters on a system with three orders of magnitude for each dimension," said Ron Lenk, systems applications engineering manager at Tyco Electronics and author, Practical Design of Power Supplies. "Full global optimization is critical and Maple’s optimization add-on is the only software I have tried that even comes close to solving these problems."

"The Global Optimization Toolbox has given me a new way to handle the complex and difficult optimization problems in my operations research projects," said Professor Mahmut Parlar, chair, Management Science/Information Systems, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, Canada. "Maple is a cornerstone for my daily research and to have an easy-to-use, Maple-based toolbox for projects such as non-convex optimization and objective functions is ideal. The Global Optimization Toolbox is a very valuable resource for anyone who deals with nonlinear optimization problems in operations research, engineering, economics or other applied sciences."

The Global Optimization Toolbox is part of the Maple Professional Toolbox series of add-on products that greatly extend the scope and functionality of Maplesoft products in specialized application areas. Designed to work seamlessly with the core Maple product suite, these high-performance products deploy best-of-breed technology to deliver maximum benefit from the world's most powerful technical software platform. Toolboxes target key application areas in engineering, science and technical application development. For more information, visit or contact Maplesoft sales.

About Maplesoft
Maplesoft is a world leader in mathematical and analytical software. Its suite of products include Maple 9.5, the standard among interactive mathematical software; MapleNet, a comprehensive mathematical infrastructure for the Web; and Maple T.A., a system for automated grading of mathematics tests. Maplesoft products embody the most advanced and integrated technology for both numeric and symbolic solution of complex problems. Its standards-compliant algorithms are renowned for their speed, accuracy and reliability. In addition, Maplesoft leads the market with innovations that make the management of technical knowledge – whether in industry, or in a classroom – more effective and efficient. Over two million users at thousands of organizations benefit from advanced Maple technology. Maplesoft’s commercial customer base includes Boeing, Bosch, Canon and NASA. Additionally, virtually every major university and research institute in the world, including MIT, Stanford, Oxford and Waterloo, has adopted Maple products to enhance their education and research activities. For more information, visit

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