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Hollywood Math

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Charlotte Blinston

Hollywood Math

Over its storied and intriguing history, Hollywood has entertained us with many mathematical moments in film. During this webinar we will present a number of these examples, including those done capably, as well as questionable and downright "creative" treatments. For instance, have you ever wondered how many balloons it would take for a house to float, like in the movie Up? Or how Mark Watney problem solves his way to survival on Mars, in The Martian? Or about the statistical analysis Billy Beane uses to play the field in the movie Moneyball? We've got the answers!

Anyone with an interest in mathematics will be entertained by this webinar, and these problems can be used as material to engage your students with examples familiar to them. At the end of the webinar you'll be given the opportunity to download an application containing all of the examples that we demonstrate.

Language: English
Duration: 19 Minutes
Related Terms: Maple, Math, Application, Movies, Film

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