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A Syntax-Free Approach to the Student ODEs Package

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A Syntax-Free Approach to the Student ODEs Package

The Student ODEs package, introduced in Maple 2021, was initially accessible only through its 13 commands. But these commands have many options, leading to entanglements in syntax that would tax both instructors and students.

In Maple 2022, access to all the functionalities of the package was implemented in the Context Panel, making the use its tools syntax-free, and hence "clickable." In this webinar, we'll take a brief look at the package content, but will illustrate its syntax-free usage by means of examples. Thus, we'll see stepwise solutions of many differential equations, including series solutions at regular points, Lindstedt perturbation solutions, reduction-of-order schemes, solutions of initial-value problems, solution of linear systems, etc.

The interrelationships between methodologies have been simplified by the options in the Context Panel. This makes use of the package immediate - no need to begin with a mastery of syntax. Just click and get to the desired outcome, which is an enhanced insight into the techniques found in the typical course in differential equations.
Language: English
Duration: 57 Minutes
Related Terms: Student, Differential-equation, Syntax, Linear, System

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