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Systems Engineering: Connected

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Systems Engineering: Connected

Implementing a successful MBSE process is difficult, particularly when a change in culture is required across many groups and disciplines. Fostering an appreciation for the importance of systems-thinking across the organization is critically important to bringing about the necessary changes in culture, but this requires many siloed groups and activities to work seamlessly together. In a single project, many spreadsheet-based tasks are being performed, creating islands of information that is, at best, loosely connected to the “source of truth” in the systems model. This disconnect can lead to incomplete or erroneous data creeping into the model, leading to unbudgeted costs and delays, and erodes confidence in the process, potentially jeopardizing the whole process. In this webinar, we will introduce our MapleMBSE-based solutions that help connect many engineering tasks into the systems model without your SMEs knowing anything about Systems Engineering. They simply add their knowledge into the model to provide consistent information, in the structure expected by the SE, through a familiar Excel user-interface. In this way you:
  • Reduce project risk and cost through managed System-model data consistency

  • Accelerate the role of MBSE in your Digital Enterprise initiatives
  • Enable effective cross-disciplined collaboration with knowledge capture & sharing

Language: English
Duration: 35 Minutes
Related Terms: System, Engineering, Exceltools

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