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Modeling and Simulation with Cables, Ropes, and Pulleys

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Modeling and Simulation with Cables, Ropes, and Pulleys

When using ropes, cables, and pulleys in your machine design, there’s a lot of complexity you need to consider – cable rigidity, pulley slippage, and wind forces, to name just a few. How do you make sure that everything works as intended, without cycling through endless expensive prototypes?

In this recorded workshop, you’ll learn how dynamic simulation can provide you with accurate, virtual prototypes of your ropes and pulley systems. See how engineers solve common design problems by using the modeling and simulation tool, MapleSim, including hands-on examples.

This video will demonstrate how engineers can use modeling and simulation software to solve common design problems with ropes and pulley systems. Attendees will learn:

The features and design principles of system-level modeling software (MapleSim)
- How to use system-level modeling for the design, analysis, and improvement of products - that use ropes, cables, winches, and pulleys
- How to model effects such as axial rigidity, bending rigidity, wind forces, pulley slippage, and more
- PLUS – Get a demo of the new MapleSim Insight – the best tool for 3-D visualization and testing of your machine control strategies
Language: English
Duration: 53 Minutes
Related Terms: Engineering, Design, Modeling

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