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How to Minimize Equipment Vibration without Replacing Hardware

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Graham Jackson

How to Minimize Equipment Vibration without Replacing Hardware

When designing new or custom equipment, it’s easy to overlook how every new component will impact the overall system’s operation. Between new components, motion profiles, and loading requirements, there’s a good chance that issues are discovered after everything is assembled (or worse – shipped to a customer). One issue in particular – unwanted vibrations – can have big impacts on both machine performance and safety. Typical methods to address these issues might include replacing key components with larger, more robust hardware. By upgrading components like motors or bushings, vibrations can be mitigated, but often the solution comes with a big price tag, and no guarantee that the root issue was solved.

There’s another way to fix machine dynamics - simulation. By using a dynamic model of your machine, also known as a Digital Twin, you can see exactly how each system interacts with the other. With this kind of insight, vibration issues can often be solved with optimized motion profiles that minimize oscillations throughout your machine.

In this webinar, see how MapleSim can be used to build, simulate, and analyze models for equipment like injection molding machines, heavy machinery, and more. You’ll see how companies without prior simulation experience have used solutions from Maplesoft to solve vibration issues without resorting to expensive hardware upgrades.
Language: English
Duration: 25 Minutes
Related Terms: Vibration, Motion, Simulation, Digital-twin

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