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The Student VectorCalculus Package - Parts 1 & 2

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Dr. Robert Lopez

The Student VectorCalculus Package - Parts 1 & 2

In this two-part webinar, Dr. Lopez will examine the structure and functionalities in the Student VectorCalculus package, providing insight into how to understand, and to optimize the use of, this very powerful package. These two webinars answer the question "What does a user need to know about this package to use it efficiently and effectively?"

The first webinar reveals how the package handles the basic objects of vector calculus: points, vectors, and vector fields, coordinate systems and coordinate-variable names; lists and explains the commands that deal with differentiation and integration of objects defined within the package; and points out which of these operations can be implemented in a syntax-free way via the Context Panel and/or task templates.

The second webinar begins with a look at the package's visualization tools, then demonstrates package usage by computing, in an extended example, flux through a surface. This second webinar concludes with some final clarification about scalar fields, curves, and the directional derivative of a vector field.
Language: English
Duration: 56 Minutes
Related Terms: Student, Vectorcalculus, Calculus, Vector-calculus, Points, Vector, Coordinates

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