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Precalculus Math and Trigonometry - All by Syntax-Free Maple

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Dr. Robert Lopez

Precalculus Math and Trigonometry - All by Syntax-Free Maple

Maple's syntax-free Clickable Math will be used to explore topics in precalculus, including basic algebra and trigonometry. So, algebraic and trigonometric equations will be solved, graphs will be drawn, the binomial theorem explored, induction illustrated, etc., all without having to grapple with the syntax of a programming language, all with syntax-free Clickable Math.

Interwoven in the demonstrations is the pedagogical principle of "resequencing skills and concepts" whereby insights, understanding, and conceptual mastery receive first attention through the process of obtaining a Maple solution, exploring that solution, and then using Maple to implement the steps of the algorithm leading to that solution. This sets the "big picture" and shows where the details fit in, thereby motivating and enlightening students on the acquisition of the requisite manipulative skills.

Clickable Calculus, the idea of powerful mathematics delivered using very visual, interactive point-and-click methods, responds to the most common complaint of faculty who integrate software into the classroom - time is spent teaching the tool, not the concepts. The ease-of-use features supporting Clickable Calculus flatten the learning curve so the emphasis is on the math, not the tool.
Language: English
Duration: 55 Minutes
Related Terms: Precalculus, Trigonometry, Math, Syntax, Clickable-math, Clickable, Algebra, Graph, Binomial-theorem, Induction, Programming

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