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Why Mathcad Users are Moving to Maple

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Samir Khan

Why Mathcad Users are Moving to Maple

Maple is used by technical professionals across the world. Many have used Maple for years, while a growing number have recently migrated from their existing math software.

This webinar examines what attracts users to make the switch to Maple, despite the inertia that makes staying with the tool they know an understandable and very human choice.

Mathcad is a popular math tool, with many unique and compelling characteristics. This webinar specifically examines why Maple has recently pulled five engineers away from Mathcad. These users include:
  • An electrical engineer involved in circuit design and worst case circuit analysis
  • A mechanical engineer that needed to deploy an orifice design application to his colleagues at low-to-no cost
  • An aerospace engineer who examines thrust and thermodynamics in aircraft propulsion systems
  • A chemical engineer who needed to produce accurate ternary diagrams of the properties of mixtures
  • An acoustic engineer who needed to synthesize the sound of a guitar, and create echo and reverb effects
While we cannot discuss specific details, this webinar will discuss their general use cases and the features they use in Maple.
Language: English
Duration: 25 Minutes
Related Terms: Math, Engineering, Electrical, Circuit, Design, Application, Thermodynamics, Ternary

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