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Essentials of Tensor Calculus - Part 1

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Dr. Robert Lopez

Essentials of Tensor Calculus - Part 1

In a series of five webinars, Dr. Robert Lopez will present the essential ideas of the tensor calculus. The central concepts are contained in three sections: Preliminaries from Multivariate Calculus, Tensor Algebra, and Tensor Calculus.

In this first webinar of the series, Dr. Lopez will begin a summary of items that are first seen in a multivariate calculus course. He’ll define the notation he’ll be using, recall key ideas connected with coordinate changes, Jacobian matrices, and natural bases of tangent and gradient vectors.
Language: English
Duration: 43 Minutes
Related Terms: Tensor, Calculus, Multivariate, Algebra, Jacobian, Tangent, Gradient

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